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  1. sopna5
    sopna5 Nathan
  2. David Edibleculture
    David Edibleculture
    About to do our first chilli festival.. looking for exhibitors!
  3. chillijon
    chillijon Nathan
    Hi Nathan,

    I tried contacting the Sys Admin, Richard, regarding removing the Spam posts on this website but have received no reply. Is this something you can act on ?
  4. chillijon
    chillijon Richard.r
    As Sys admin can you remove the latest round of Spam posts regarding visas and passports etc.?

    How do they get access so easily ? I had thought you needed an account to post or comment?
  5. Stuart j
  6. chilli affair uk
    chilli affair uk
    Hi all. Sorry to say I had completely forgotten that I had joined this forum!! Had a nice reminder email from Nathan earlier....thx Nathan!
    1. Mart_UK
      I see from the facebook group your crops are coming along well.
      Mar 21, 2016
  7. Nutriculture Grow Systems
    Nutriculture Grow Systems
    Hydroponic Grow Systems that produce high-yielding plants. Designed and made by experts since 1976
  8. Kevin Weston
  9. Ashley Jenner
  10. Ashley Jenner
    Ashley Jenner 53R
    Stop rubbing it on them... Maybe?
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  11. BloodyFox
    could have some hot sauce now.. but with what..? :D
  12. Katy wright
    Katy wright
    Hi everyone !! Chilli Monster is here !
  13. 53R
    Chilli burns my nut sack :D
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