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Chilli of the Valley
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Merthyr Tydfil
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  1. Hailing from Merthyr Tydfil in the Welsh valleys, Arwel and Dan Reed, father and son, share a passion for spice.

    Arwels curries are renowned amongst family, friends and the locals, and his closeley guarded secret mix of spices keep the masses returning.

    Having grown up with a curry-maker in the family, Dan's exposure to spices began at an early age, and has developed into a compulsive desire to all things hot, all of the time. In one form or another, chillies feature in most meals, from breakfast to supper... snacks included!

    At Chilli of the Valley, we grow a variey of chillies, from the mild to the hot and onto the extreme. These include the more common Serrano, piri piri, Jalapeno, Scotch Bonnets and Habaneros, to the lesser known Aribibi Gusano, Da Agua, Rocoto San Isidro and the superhot Trinidad Scorpions, 7 pots, Bhut Jolokias and Nagas, to name but a few.

    Our sauces are made in small home made batches, using fresh ingredients, and chillies grown ourselves in Wales. We've been practising with the smoker, and this year are hoping to smoke dry our own chillies to create our own chipotles to go into our Shizzle and onion marmalade.

    Dan has been asked to be guest Chilli expert at the renowned vegetarian restaurant Demuths in Bath for their Mexican cookerycourse for chilli lovers. You can find out more by reading their blog here and keep an eye out for the amazing course, it tends to feature around October each year, and is often a one-off day each year... which makes it that extra bit special!

    In addition to Chilli of the Valley, we also have hotelliers in the family at the award winning Gwesty Cymru hotel and restaurant in Aberystwyth. Beth and Huw have featured our Chipotle onion marmalade on their restaurant menu. To see what's so special about our marmalade, try it here.

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