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    Commercial polytunnels form the foundations of the vast majority of horticultural companies and growers as they offer a complete, low-cost solution to easily expand grow houses or even replace existing structures. A polytunnels ability to harvest rainwater makes them both eco-friendly and financially appealing. The rainwater can either be used immediately to water the plants or stored for future use,

    Other advantages include the large variety of polytunnel covers enabling growers to create a specific micro-climate. Both our single and multi-span polytunnels are extremely durable. They offer excellent ventilation, an abundance of natural sunlight and can easily be fitted with accessories such as irrigation, heating and cooling systems.

    We offer a large variety of commercial polytunnels and canopies, tailored to meet your specific needs. This includes single and multi-span horticultural polytunnels, bespoke garden centre canopies and walkways and both fixed and static agricultural polytunnels for livestock.
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