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  1. Here at Potters Plants we love Chilli's and Chilli Plants. It seems chilli's are everywhere now, they add flavour , color and heat (sometimes more than you think!) to ordinary meals, go on sandwiches, pizza, in bolognaise, pasta sauces, with fish, beef, pork, chicken, in vegetarian food.. it's endless.

    You can buy some chilli's from the supermarket, in fact recently our local supermarket has started selling some varieties - but there is so much more to the chilli - it deserves more than a supermarket shelf. With so many different ones , exotic, colourful, embarassingly shaped, ridiculously hot, sweet, ornamental, red, purple, yellow, green, orange, chocolate... we feel compelled to bring you a selection of these wonderful plants to grow and enjoy yourself. It's not just about the heat !

    Have a look at our full range of chilli plants on the chilli plant category page
    We have hot, superhot and mild chilli's, including what is claimed to be the world's hottest right now, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.

    If you are not into all that heat, try something milder for flavour like the Jalapeno, Pimientos de Padron, Hungarian Hot Wax or Cherry Bomb

    Our chilli plants are supplied in plugs, like these detailed on the right...

    We send the chilli plants to you in recycled, fully recyclable plastic packets which are strong and purpose made for plug plants. Just unpack them, pop them in your pot or growbag, water and enjoy!

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