The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company

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The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company
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  1. The ancient and historic village of Upton Cheyney located on the borders of the Cotswold Hills may not be the first place one would expect to find a jungle of exotic hot fruits. Initial impressions of this traditional rural village may also be misleading, as although the village – which played a major part in the English Civil war - offers a quaint Inn, Rhubarb Tunnels, Roman terraces and numerous tales of ghostly goings on, it also has a ultra modern CHILLI FARM!

    Yup – the southern hemisphere has literally landed in Upton Cheyney, with hundreds of chilli plants being grown under organic conditions in poly tunnels upon land that was until recently superbly fertilised by Gloster Old Spot Pigs.

    We like to think that the secret of our chilli growing success has something to do with the Old Spots – although some say that Oliver Cromwell once camped on our land, and it is indeed his men that left their mark!

    Whatever it is, after our first year of growing chilli’s we have been awarded a bumper harvest, numbering tens of thousands of fruits, and it is with these fruits that we introduce the “Upton Cheyney Chilli Company” with its range of sauces, chutneys, jams and relishes.

    All products manufactured by The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company use our own chilli’s, and as far as possible our own farm grown supply of garlic and onion. The sauces are lovingly made in small batches in the kitchen of our farm shop, from which the amazing aroma regularly attracts praise.

    Our Chilli farm is open to visit throughout the growing season, (starting in March and ending in November) where we will happily show you around our tunnels whilst offering as much advice - and indeed taste samples - as required. We also hold a chilli themed open day – normally towards the end of the summer where fun and games can be had by all as well as an opportunity to enter our annual “Chilli Hard Man Eating Contest”!

    Besides the Chilli Tunnels, the land surrounding us is home to a magnificent organic beef and pork farm. Here you will find an array of pigs from Gloster Old Spots, to Saddlebacks to English Whites. Accompanying the piglets pranks are a herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle, and in the farm yard area itself are free roaming chickens, ducks and geese. Children are more than welcome who can also visit our rabbits, turkeys and goats. Manor Farm Shop stocks all of the chilli farm products as well as delicious sausage, bacon, and other home grown treats!

    Making you happy and hot!

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