Wiltshire Chilli Farm / Fearless Flavour

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Wiltshire Chilli Farm / Fearless Flavour
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The Wiltshire Chilli Farm,
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Wholesale, Shops and Catering - [email protected]
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  1. Welcome to Wiltshire Chillies, online home of the Wiltshire Chilli Farm. We specialise in the cultivation of chilli plants, which we grow on our farm in Wiltshire, and which range from mild to super-hot. We are currently growing around 5,000 plants, and you can see the varieties that we grow by clicking on 'Our Chillies' at the top of this page..

    In addition to growing our own chillies we also produce a wide range of chilli products, including jams and sauces. These are all made using our own fresh chillies and we do our best to locally source the rest of our ingredients. We focus on flavour before heat although we do make some ultra-hot stuff.

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