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    I bought a packet of Komodo Dragon chillis from Tesco last year. Some of the plants have matured and this is what I have this year.

    Komodo Dragon 26 sep 2016.jpg

    On the window ledge I have a Lemon Drop.

    Lemon Drop 26 sep 2016.jpg

    Other shots include :
    Cheyenne how it should be and on one plant how it should not! Almost looks like a sweet pepper?
    Purple Haze turning red
    Trinity not turning red yet and
    Peruvian Purple ( or is it Purple Pete?)

    Cheyenne 26 sep 2016.jpg

    Odd Cheyenne 26 sep 2016.jpg

    Purple Haze 26 sep 2016.jpg


    Peruvian Purple.jpg
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