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    I try to keep everything simple and inexpensive. I prefer using terracotta pots, usually Long Toms (23cm diameter and 30 cm tall) but sometimes I simply use what is available.

    The growing medium is simply a mix of compost and horticultural sand for good drainage. I utilise weed control fabric to form a sandwich layer of stones/pebbles in between the compost and the pot. The fabric helps to prevent slugs entering via the drainage hole (and they do try!) and the weight of the stones assists with maintaining a stable plant pot. The top layer of compost is covered with horticultural grit or washed gravel to keep the soil from washing away and again to form a barrier to slugs. Everything can be recovered and recycled for next year.

    Pot Strategy.jpg

    Chilli-Focus is used as feed. I purchase 5 litres at a time and make up dilute batches in a couple of barrels. Each plant receives a feed daily rather than weekly dose. The majority of the plants are outside and are subject to the weather. This year has been very wet and windy during July and August. Weekly feeds would be ineffectual as the nutrients are easy washed out. The weather has resulted in everything being very late and could result in a low yield.

    Chilli pots.jpg Chillis in Long Tom pots.jpg Pots stacked in rows.jpg

    I am also trying to grow chillis in a raised bed. There are upsides and downsides. Worst of which is I am outside at 11pm checking for slugs. But being outside I tend to have plants free of blackfly and whitefly.

    Chillis in raised beds.jpg
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